With Sri Lanka versus India test series at our shores, Vishal Prajapati kick starts campaign with MPL


Upcoming India versus Sri Lanka series has got fans around the country in the mood. The ongoing India versus England test series and IPL 2020 being hosted in UAE has engaged audiences and given them a chance to return to sports entertainment. Adding to this aura of excitement, Mobile Premiere League, which is the official kit partner for men in blue has rolled their exclusive jersey collection. For cricket fans this collection comes with an added benefit in the form of collaboration with clothing entrepreneur Vishal Prajapati. Prajapati in collaboration with MPL is bringing to his audience the exclusive opportunity to buy the merchandise with heavy discounts.

Sharing the news with his followers on Instagram, Vishal Prajapati lays out the details of how fans can abuse the discount rates and take on a complete experience of the game. This campaign with MPL comes in continuation with Vishal’s branding project for his signature startup Label by VP. Prajapati has moved up in the social media arena, branding, and marketing sectors. The content transition and diversification of social media presence has become a crucial aspect in the contemporary digital age. The smooth transition in form of a collaborative campaign comes at a time when Label by VP is also expanding in its customer base.

The new merchandise is available online on Mobile Premier League’s official website. Vishal’s audience, customers, and followers are privy to a swopping 25% discount on all MPL sports merchandise with the code ‘VISHAL25’.