XBIRD hits new highs for consecutive days!  Hard Forked Babybird to be Listed on Large Exchanges


 XBIRD continues to perform well since its listing

 While almost all cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin are falling across the board due to the excessive outflow of ETF,  XBIRD continues to make great strides.

 The closing price on the 3rd broke through $2.1 and continues to break through the daily closing high.

 In addition, the volume of transactions has been more than 3 million usd every day, which confirms that the money in the market is now concentrated in XBIRD.

 In addition, bitcoin cash, which was hard forked from bitcoin, reached its half-life and achieved a 7-fold increase in price in one year.

In the midst of all this, it was announced that BABYBIRD which was also hard forked from XBIRD, will be listed on the large CEX exchange on July 1.

 Since the only way to acquire BABYBIRD now is through a hard fork to XBIRD holders, once it is listed on the CEX exchange, it will not be under market selling pressure and only demand is expected to increase, making it one of the most exciting coins with a price increase of more than 100 times.