What Games Improve Cognitive Function


Cognitive function is an aspect of brain health that involves thinking, remembering, and learning. Good cognitive health requires caring for your physical health, managing blood pressure, maintaining a healthy diet, being physically active, connecting with social activities, managing stress, and keeping your brain active. Below are the games that improve cognitive function.

  1. Casino games

Games like poker and blackjack are brain-tasking. This is because they require you to show precise intelligence and skill level. Playing casino online helps stimulate your mental function, preventing the death of your neural connections and brain cells. The eye-hand coordination and the simultaneous engagement of several senses improve your concentration and reasoning, boosting cognitive function. Playing casino games while maintaining a healthy lifestyle also helps lower Alzheimer’s and dementia disease risks. 

  1. Crosswords

Crosswords are word puzzles that require you to solve clues to fill the unshaded squares with letters to create phrases and words. It’s a fun game for enhancing brain health. Engaging in regular crossword puzzles sharpens your brain function later in life. It keeps your brain engaged, improves reasoning, and allows you to stay alert. Besides improving brain function, crosswords keep your mind safe from future cognitive decline.

  1. Sudoku

Sudoku is a game of numbers that requires you to think about where to place specific numbers in your puzzle and how their placement will affect the numbers in other boxes, improving concentration. Since it also requires a set of particular numbers to be placed in specific boxes, keeping your steps in mind helps you progress through the game, boosting your memory. Playing sudoku keeps your brain healthy and active, improving cognitive function.

  1. Immersive video games

Immersive video games grab you by the brain. You don’t notice how time passes, people or events around you go unnoticed, and you become empathetic with the involved characters. When you regularly play video games, your cognitive development improves, including enhanced eye-hand coordination and good memory. Video games like Age of Empires need you to be attentive, plan strategically and possess sensorimotor expertise. This keeps your brain engaged and focused throughout the game, improving cognitive health.

  1. Luminosity

Luminosity is an established mental fitness and brain training program containing activities, games, and tests to strengthen your brain. You can try these games on a website or download free Android and iOS apps to play for free or at a subscription fee but with more game options.

  1. Happy neuron

Happy neuron offers games and activities classified into five core brain areas, including attention, memory, executive functions, language, and spatial or visual. Happy neuron customizes its training to suit you and monitors your progress. To use the happy neuron site, you must have a monthly subscription. The game is also available in an app version but only for Android users.