2024 horoscope: Find out what the year will look like for your zodiac sign


As soon as the clock strikes midnight on Jan. 1, we all become brand new people — or at least we think we do and every sign has its own pathway through the year, and each of us has our unique journey and the best way to improve our lives in 2024 is to hear what our stars have to say.

So,let’s explore what the planetary movements have in store for you in the upcoming year.

Shani has been described as the magistrate of Kaliyug. According to astrology, Shani Dev provides results based on deeds. In the year 2024, Saturn is going to benefit some zodiac signs a lot.

From June 29, 2024 to November 15, 2024, Saturn will move retrograde in Aquarius. Saturn will remain combust during February 11, 2024 to March 18, 2024, while Saturn will rise on March 18, 2024. Saturn is the lord of the house of karma, so due to the auspicious effect of Saturn, people of some zodiac signs will become rich in the year 2024.


In the year 2024, Saturn brings special benefits to the people of Aries. Next year, with the grace of Saturn, the life of Aries natives will be filled with happiness. There will be many important changes in your life. The house of these zodiac signs will be filled with wealth and prosperity. You will get many comforts in life.

The beginning of the year will be favorable in terms of work. From the beginning of the year to April, due to the influence of Jupiter’s aspect on the seventh house, you will achieve good success in business and field. It is a good time to start innovative business. Jupiter located in the zodiac will give birth to new ideas and new plans, which can make your business stronger. With the influence of Rahu placed in the house in the twelfth house, you will make obstacles by hidden enemies in your work favorable with your discretion. Rahu in the 12th house will also give business trips If you wish to go abroad, then you can start preparing for it this year. You can also get success in work related to abroad. For those doing jobs, Ketu of the sixth house can make the sum of transfer. By the way, the year 2024 is going to be good in terms of jobs and business.

The year 2024 will begin with a surge of confidence and magnetism for Aries that will help them attract potential partners. Your radiant energy and bold approach will make you irresistible and will bring in opportunities for new connections. This year, evaluate your relationship priorities and seek connections that are in sync with your values and long-term goals. You are likely to meet a significant romantic prospect who will bring stability and share your vision. For committed Aries, 2024 will be a year for deepening their emotional bonds and strengthening the foundation of their relationships. Focus on the values that define your connection and work towards creating a sense of security and stability.


Taurus people are very calm and gentle in nature. People of this zodiac know their potential very well. They like money, property and respect. The natives of this zodiac sign are determined. They also do not hesitate to take the harshest decisions. Taurus people love discipline and they never like to be careless in it.

This year is going to be very important for Taurus in terms of career. This year, Saturn is going to be in the tenth house from your zodiac, due to which you will get the full results of hard work. At the beginning of the year, due to the transit of Jupiter in the twelfth place, you will get benefit from foreign relations in work, business. Those doing jobs will get respect at their workplace. From May, the combined aspect effect of Jupiter and Saturn planets in the seventh place will give good profit in business. From May to the end of the year, Jupiter of the zodiac place will provide new opportunities in business. The transit of Rahu in the eleventh house will create new paths of wealth arrival.

 There will be tension in partnership. The situation will change with the help of a senior person. The pending money will come back. There will be some wastage which will not yield any benefit. There may be the purchase of land, buildings, etc. Small auspicious works will happen at home. There will be concerns about children’s health, education, etc. There will be struggles in education and career. There will be an impact due to conflict and elevation. Employed people will be successful in getting a favorable situation. Unwanted incidents may occur. Arthritis, eye pain, problems below the waist, or fractures may occur. Avoid diseases caused by gas and bile. There will be interest in occult knowledge and tantra-mantra. A religious journey is possible. Venus is the lord of Taurus, hence there will be natural attraction in your personality. Your height and physical appearance can easily attract people. You may be happy by nature. Your speech will be influential. You will have an amazing ability to learn any subject matter.


Gemini natives are very attractive. They are physically and mentally strong. I always want to do something new in life. People of this zodiac give importance to intelligence. People of this zodiac are rich in versatility. Due to being the zodiac lord Mercury, they attract others with their unique style of speaking.

At the beginning of the year, due to the aspect effect of Jupiter in the seventh place, you will get progress in business. Time is favorable for doing new business. You will get full support of brothers in business. The combined transit of Jupiter and Saturn at the eleventh place will get the support of officials and senior people. Income will increase. Throughout the year, the third aspect of Saturn will continue to fall on your income house. This will give you a good income and most importantly, you will think about saving. From April onwards, Jupiter’s transit will be on the house in the twelfth house, so most of the money will be spent on your travels.

Single Gemini, get ready for a journey of self-discovery and unexpected romantic encounters in 2024. The new year will bring soulful connections that will make you explore deep emotional bonds. It’s time to adopt your vulnerability, which will see meaningful relationships emerging from the shadows. For committed Geminis, this is a transformative year for your partnership. Dive into emotional intimacy and unfold your hidden desires to create a meaningful understanding with your significant other. Express your innermost feelings and encourage your partner to do the same. Shared dreams and secrets will strengthen your bond and create a thoughtful connection.


Cancer people are very emotional and mean a lot to the lives of others. People of this zodiac have a lot of attachment to their place of birth. Due to the moon, they have to keep changing places. There is firmness in nature, along with weakness. Their state of mind is variable. Cancer natives exhibit gentleness and humility while walking on their own terms.

At the beginning of the year, Devguru Jupiter will give its transit effect in the tenth house, so you will get good benefits in your field of work. With the arrival of experienced partnerships, the business will get a new turn and more profit will be received in the business. After April, Jupiter of the eleventh place will increase income in your business. Saturn in the eighth place will also create obstacles in your work business, but you will make it favorable with your discretion.

Anticipate an exciting year full of social vibrancy, Cancer! This year, you will have opportunities to form new relationships with like-minded people at social gatherings, online communities, and through shared interests. Your charm and warmth will attract potential partners who value your emotional depth. Be open to unexpected opportunities, but take your time before making long-term commitments. For the committed Cancer, this year is about reigniting the spark! This can be done by engaging in collective adventures, creative activities, and exploring new intellectual interests. Keep things fresh by surprising your partner. This year, prioritise spending quality time together over material possessions.


The fifth sign in the zodiac is Leo and its lord is the Sun. Leadership qualities are innate in the nature of Leo. People of this zodiac are fearless, courageous and determined. These people believe in living like a king. Their personality is very passionate and attractive. Due to their unique style, people are attracted to them very quickly.

This year, due to the influence of seventh Saturn, success will be achieved in your work business, but the pace of progress may be slightly slower than the effect of Saturn this year. If you are working in partnership, then this year you will get the desired benefits. Partnering with your seniors will be beneficial this year. After April, Jupiter’s transit will be on the tenth house, you will get the support of senior people or big officials. Persons doing jobs may get promoted. People working related to land will get benefits this year.

This is the time to fall in love with your inner performer, whether on stage or in social settings and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Be open to unconventional partners who challenge and complement your fiery spirit. Although some short-term relationships may not work out, they will leave you feeling empowered and ready for something deeper. For Leos, in committed relationships, focusing on ambition and achievement can positively impact your connection. Your partner might be your biggest supporter as you chase professional goals, and your success will only strengthen your bond. However, avoid neglecting your partner’s emotional needs in pursuing career aspirations.


Virgos are humble and soft-spoken in nature. These people prove to be true friends and are ready to do anything to maintain friendship. When any kind of difficulty comes, these people first get nervous but then take control of the situation by handling themselves. People sometimes mistake their humility for their weakness. They have the ability to understand every issue.

This year, you will get success in the field of work on the strength of your hard work. Rahu in the seventh place is becoming the sum of ups and downs in your business. Therefore, do not start any new business during this time interval. Due to the influence of Ashtamastha Jupiter, obstacles can be put by hidden enemies in your work area. But after April, due to the transit of Jupiter in the ninth house, the conditions will improve immensely. You will be able to give good momentum to your work business with new enthusiasm. This year, Saturn’s transit will be in the sixth house, Saturn will make you victorious in the competition.

This year, you will feel a strong connection with someone who opens up your world to new experiences, whether that’s through travel, higher education, or intellectual quests. Step outside of your usual routine and be open to unexpected opportunities. Don’t focus too much on finding the perfect partner; instead, seek out genuine connections who share your values and culture. A person who challenges you intellectually and inspires you to grow will be the ideal match. For the committed Virgos, the stars suggest exploring new possibilities together. Be part of common academic ventures, embark on travel, or learn a new skill as a couple to deepen your bond and keep the spark alive.


The seventh sign of the zodiac is Libra. Its sign is the scales,which shows the innate sense of balance of this zodiac. People of this zodiac always try to establish harmony. The personality of Libra natives is communicative. He is adept at dealing with any situation. He is diplomatic, shrewd and incredibly charismatic.

This year, due to the combined transit effect of Jupiter and Saturn in the seventh place, there will be good benefits in your business. After April, obstacles can be put in the work by enemies. But with the influence of Rahu in the 6th house, they will be conquered. You will be able to think about doing something new in business. From May, when the position of Jupiter will change and Jupiter will move to the eighth house from your zodiac, you will get a lot of respect and benefit in business or job. This year, any of your dreams related to abroad can come true.

 The new year is all about deepening your connections and exploring the mysteries of love. This year, unexpected encounters can spark intense emotions, so it’s alright to be vulnerable and show sensitivity to attract compatible people. Let go of preconceived notions about love and partnerships and allow love to unfold naturally. If you’re already committed to someone, utilise this time to have in-depth conversations about shared values, passions and the future. Taking part in joint financial decisions will bring you closer and create a sense of unity. Explore the transformative power of love and allow it to lead you to passionate and lasting relationships.


The personality of Scorpio natives is quite influential. People of this zodiac are considered to be of very attractive personality. However, they are such that they keep their emotions under control. People in front of them cannot understand their mind quickly. People belonging to this zodiac sign owned by Mars are considered to be very courageous.

The beginning of the year will be very good for you. Advancement in job, success in foreign travel, victory over enemies and financial benefits, it can mean that the year 2024 will start for you as everyone wants. Jupiter will remain in the sixth house till April. During this time you will be heavy on opponents. You will be able to deal easily in the new project. The transit of Devguru Jupiter from May will keep your business very good. Businessmen will get new opportunities.

This year, you will find love to be a journey of self-discovery and shared dreams. The stars will align to bring meaningful connections into your life. Keep an open mind to explore different facets of love, and let spontaneity guide your romantic journey. Attend family celebrations with an open mind, as you may discover love during joyous gatherings. For committed Scorpios, 2024 heralds a period of relational growth and creativity. Celebrate your partnership by expanding your family and engaging in creative undertakings. Participate in social functions that strengthen your bond and bring joy to your relationship. Start a new business together to stimulate your intellectual streak.


Sagittarians are very nice and cheerful in nature. These people attract anyone towards them with their effective, extraordinary and spiritual nature. People born under this sign are ambitious and inspirational to others. They carry out their work with full enthusiasm and courage. People of this zodiac believe in doing more work than talking. These people earn a lot of respect for their honesty and loyalty.

In terms of work, new sources of income are expected to be found at the beginning of the year. If you start any new work this year, then there is a possibility of getting success in it. After April, time is getting a little affected, at that time due to the influence of Jupiter in the sixth house, the sum of ups and downs is being made in your business. But this year, Saturn will be in your house in the third house from your zodiac sign. This is very auspicious for you. Your confidence will increase to do any task. You will believe in hard work instead of luck. For those who are thinking of changing jobs or doing something new in business, the time after May can be much better.

You will find love in unexpected places and mysterious situations this year. Keep your mind open for forming new connections while volunteering, exercising, or simply doing daily chores. Be open to joining new social circles and watch out for connections with people with similar interests. Don’t be afraid to flirt with colleagues or talk with friends. For those in committed relationships, this year is all about teamwork and finding happiness in supporting each other’s dreams. Set common goals, such as renovating your home, starting a project, or embarking on personal development journeys. This shared progress will build a stronger foundation for your relationship.


Capricorns have good organizational abilities. These people are very passionate and dedicated towards work. The natives of this zodiac sign are disciplined, responsible and practical in nature. These people have amazing logical ability. These people prove to be a trustworthy friend. These people fully support others in trouble. They have more philosophical expression.

This year, due to the influence of Devguru Jupiter in the tenth place, you will get good benefits in the field. After April, time is becoming more favorable, at that time you can start a new work with someone, in which you can get good benefits. Rahu and Ketu will also continue to support you. Rahu will increase your confidence and you will be able to take risks. During this time you will work hard and will be in a position to fulfill your ambitions in your job or business. The dream of those wishing to work abroad can be fulfilled after May. Rashi lord Saturn will be in the second house. Saturn will be in its own zodiac, so you will not do any special harm.

This year is full of romantic possibilities, so be prepared for unexpected experiences. You may meet someone special while going on adventurous outings, participating in online discussions, or pursuing a passionate hobby. Focus on making genuine connections rather than having short-term flings. This year is the time for the committed Capricorns to infuse your relationship with playful passion and imagination. Be spontaneous, have futuristic conversations, and share activities that trigger your creative side to reignite the flames of intimacy. However, as the year progresses, be mindful of potential power struggles with your partner. Be humble, and don’t hesitate to play a second fiddle if required.


Aquarius people are quite sharp, intelligent, sensible and confident in nature. They believe in doing any work with dedication. These people are ahead of others in every field due to their intelligence. These people are of leader nature and are at the forefront of the crowd. Sometimes they look different from inside and different from outside. These people also suffer many hardships from inside, but they do not even sigh outside.

Avoid taking risky decisions in job and business this year. The beginning of the year will be very good in terms of work. With the combined aspect effect of Jupiter and Saturn in the seventh place, you will get good profit in your business. There may also be a transfer to the desired place with the promotion of persons doing the job after April. At the beginning of the year, Jupiter will keep you confident and courageous. During this time you will take risks and will be able to take big decisions in the job, but this year is not perfect for finding a new job. Do not expect any profit immediately in business and do not doubt the business partner again and again. This may affect your work.

It’s time to look forward to an emotionally charged and transformative love journey in 2024. Explore the depths of your emotions and look for connections that resonate with your inner self. The home and family sphere will become significant in your quest for love as you may find love through shared domestic interests or connections within your close-knit circle. For those in committed relationships, this year heralds a period of domestic bliss and emotional growth. Focus on creating a harmonious home environment, as shared experiences within your personal space will deepen your connection. This is a time to nurture the love that binds you and strengthen the emotional foundation of your relationship.


Pisces natives are calm, very gentle and kind like their sign fish. Their nature is very sympathetic. That’s why a lot of people like them. They like to live in an idealistic world. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between fiction and fact.

The year will be moderately fruitful in terms of business. Due to the influence of Saturn on the twelfth house, you will experience difficulty in carrying out your tasks. After April, time is becoming favorable for work business. The aspect of Jupiter planet in the seventh place is auspicious for business people. Those who are working in partnership will get the benefit. You will be under the influence of Saturn’s Sade Sati. Therefore, you will have to work very hard for better results. Many times you will feel that luck is not supporting you, but patience and hard work are your true friends in Sade Sati. You have to understand this.

It’s time to get out of your shell this year, Pisces! Consider opening your heart to new social circles and engaging in diverse conversations. You never know where you might find love – it could be through friendships or casual encounters. Look for intellectual connections, as common interests and stimulating conversations may trigger romantic sparks. If you’re in a committed relationship, look at planning short trips or exploring new hobbies with your partner to bring joy. This year is an excellent opportunity to express your feelings and desires and create a deeper understanding between you and your partner. Be spontaneous and instil a sense of playfulness into your connection to keep things fun and exciting.