Weekly astrological predictions: February 11 to Feb 17


Aries :

Best time for every one. Guru will help you a lot. Health and wealth everything is on the way. Take blessing from parents and gurus .Visit temple and use yellow colours. Only take care of your lower body. Be cautious in love matters.

Taurus :

You should avoid long journeys. Avoid red and black colours. Don’t go for new projects. Avoid tension and anxiety. Stomach may create little disturbance. Money matter and family enjoyment looks good. Couples should avoid misunderstanding.

Gemini :

Dont take any bold decision. Money matters will be of little ups and down. Avoid tension. Students should be serious in studies. Profit from partnership. Business will be good. Maintain decorum at home. Love life will be superb.

Cancer :

Any kind of tension may disturb you. You may experience a new change in your life. Sudden gain is seen from your ancestors side. You may get recognition in professional life. New projects may be executed. Love life is good.

Leo :

You should take care of your spine and eyes. Throat irritation is seen. Misunderstanding in family should be avoided. Deserving candidate will get their jobs. Winning in competition is seen. Loan repayment is possible. Take care of your spouse. Lovers will enjoy.

Virgo :

Great time for you to achieve anything. Only thing you should avoid is laziness and confusion. Go for new ideas. Best time for students. Your new property is on the way. Relief from chronic diseases. Take care of your father. Couples have patience.

Libra :

Short journey will give you result. Students will get good results. Expecting mothers should be careful. Your spouse will be lucky for you. You may visit any pilgrimage. Maintain happiness at home. Lovers will enjoy.

Scorpio :

Your courage and effort will give you best results. Avoid useless purchasing. Check your bank balance. Students should be careful. Take care of your mother’s health. Pregnant mothers be cautious. New projects may get stuck. Misunderstanding may happen in love life.

Sagittarius :

You will be famous for your good deeds. Money flow will be good. Don’t use harsh words for anyone. Recovery from old health issues. Residential change is seen. Avoid misunderstanding at home. Love life looks good.

Capricorn :

Very good time to earn money. Avoid black colour. You may spend time with your family. Your speech can give you wealth. Your father’s health is not good. Eye related issue may occur. Lovers will meet their soul mate.

Aquarius :

Health wealth and status everything is ready for you. Don’t go for big investment. Avoid junk foods. Little disturbance is seen in family life. Property related issue may get solved. Students be careful. New projects may give you tension. Lovers try to remain patient.

Pisces :

Your patience and intelligence will reward you. Avoid arguments and wrong decisions. Don’t go for big investment. Take blessing from gurus and parents. Use sandal tilak if possible avoid black and red colours. Avoid non veg as much as possible. Lovers wait for good time.

Partha Protim Das


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