Weekly Zodiac astrological predictions: September 17 to Sep 23


1. Aries : 

Till October your time will not be satisfactory. Move gently, avoid any changes in life. Take enough sleep. Avoid junk food. Be spiritual and visit temples. Avoid red and black colours. Home atmosphere will be good. Lovers be cool.
Remedy :  donate jaggery to monkeys.
Diety : Hanuman ji.
Good colour : Red
Good number : 1,8
Best Direction : East
Good days : Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday .

2. Taurus : 

Married couples will enjoy a good time. New opportunity will come. Any competition should be avoided. Ladies and gents may suffer health issues related to gynecological and legs. Lovers can go a step forward.
Remedy : Chant Ganesh mantra.
Diety : Sree Durga mata.
Good colour : white
Good number : 2,7
Good direction : south, west
Good days : Friday, Wednesday, Saturday.

3. Gemini : 

Your siblings may appreciate you and you will get support from them. Married couples should avoid misunderstanding. Profits may come through partners. Take care of mothers health. Good time for love relation.
Remedy : Chant shiv mantra.
Deity : Ganesh ji
Good colour : Yellow
Good number : 3,6
Good direction : west
Good days : tuesday, Thursday and saturday .

4. Cancer :

This is the time for you to be famous. Any kind of social activity can give you fame. Small journey may happen. Avoid depression. Kids may give happiness to parents. Your homeplace may be changed. Take care of spouse health. Lovers may get attention.
Remedy : Chant Hanuman chalisa.
Deity : Shiv ji
Good colour : Milky
Good number : 4
Good direction : East, South
Good days : Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

5. Leo : 

Very good time for students and government officers. Only your eyes may disturb you a little. Money flow will be good. Your siblings may create problem for you. New property may come. Dont leave everything on luck. Your partner may be in trouble. Avoid night journey. Lovers may enjoy.
Remedy : Chant om Bhaskaraye Namah.
Deity : Sree Vishnu ji
Good colour : golden
Good number : 5
Good direction: East
Good days : Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday .

6. Virgo :

Your siblings may come to visit you. Take care of your stomach. Health issue is seen related to your legs and bones. Your spouse may get profit from ancestors but health will disturb. Avoid red colour for few months. Good time for love relationship.
Remedy :  Chant Maa kali mantra.
Deity : Sree Ganesh ji
Good colours : Green
Good number : 3, 8
Good direction: South
Good days : Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

7. Libra: 

Take care of your health. Avoid being very philosophical. Wealth may come through profession. Donate something to get maximum profits. Pending works may be done. Business  people may be little cautious regarding investment. Married couples can enjoy. Lovers may go for party. You are very lucky now.
Remedy :  Chant Mahalakshmi mantra.
Deity : Sree Durga mata ji
Good colour : white
Good number: 2, 7
Good direction: West
Good days : Friday, Saturday and Wednesday.

8. Scorpio : 

Take care of your money and family. Don’t use wrong words. Avoid spicy foods. Avoid legal matters. Be cool and calm till October. Dont leave your hometown now. Do worship. Your spouse will be lucky for you. Take care of mothers health. Don’t go for new property. Love life is average.
Remedy : Chant Saturn mantra.
Deity : Sree Hanuman ji
Good colour : Red
Good number : 1, 8
Good direction : East, North
Good days : Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

9. Sagittarius : 

Don’t drain your money for siblings. Time will be good depending on your action. Dont start new project. Students should concentrate on studies. Till November you should be careful. Your enemies will get punishment. Time is not good for lovers.
Remedy : Donate foods.
Deity : Sree vishnu ji
Good colour : yellow
Good number : 9 , 12
Good direction: East
Good days : Thursday and Sunday.

10. Capricorn:

You may spend time with your family. Money will come like water. But use gentle words. Your siblings may be in trouble. Good time for business. Your good time starts from October. Lovers may be lucky.
Remedy : Donate curd ( Dahi)
Deity : Shiv ji
Good colour : Cyan
Good number : 10, 11
Good direction: South
Good days : Saturday, Wednesday and Friday.

11. Aquarius : 

Very good time for Aquarius in terms of health. Little problem shows for finance and family. Urinary problem may disturb you a little. Be careful while in journey.  Don’t be fool, use your brain. Take support from your spouse. Business will be good. Love life is good.
Remedy : Chant mantra for Ketu.
Deity : Shiv ji, Rudra
Good colour : Cyan
Good number : 10 , 11
Good direction : west
Good days : Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

12. Pisces : 

Money flow will be good but expenses should be avoided. Spiritual event may happen in your family. Avoid stress and anger. Job related problem is seen. Helping old people or patients may help you to gain wealth. Lovers may enjoy life fullest.
Remedy :  Chant om ketave namah.
Deity : Sri Vishnu ji
Good colour : yellow
Good number: 9 , 12
Good direction : North
Good days : Thursday, Monday and Tuesday.

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