Weekly astrological predictions: October 29 to November 04


Aries :

The week starts with tension but ends with happiness. New doors will be opened for you. Next month onwards your life will be changed. Every aspect of your life will go high. Get ready to enjoy. Couples can start new planning of life.
Remedy : Wear a pearl mala.
Diety : Hanuman ji.
Good colour : Red
Good number : 1,8
Best Direction : East
Good days : Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday .

Taurus :

Good time is coming. You will achieve many things. Home atmosphere will be good. You will get a clarity of mind and energy. You will win in any competition. Your enemies will surrender. You can repay your loans. Lower part of your body will creat little problem. Lovers can go for a tour.
Remedy : Chant Ganesh mantra.
Diety : Sree Durga mata.
Good colour : White
Good number : 2,7
Good direction : south, west
Good days : Friday, Wednesday, Saturday.

Gemini :

You may face stomach problem and mental illness. Control your feelings. Be confident. New ideas will provoke you. You don’t have any health issue. Very good time for students. Expecting mothers should be careful. Miscarriage and untimely birth is seen. Couples should avoid misunderstanding.
Remedy : Chant shiv mantra.
Deity : Ganesh ji
Good colour : Yellow
Good number : 3,6
Good direction : west
Good days : Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday .

Cancer :

Your professional life will be good but change in job is seen. Income will be high. Residential change is also there. Take care of your mother. Avoid depression and anxiety. You should avoid long journey this week. Couples should avoid arguments.
Remedy : Chant hanuman chalisa.
Deity : Shiv ji
Good colour : Milky
Good number : 4
Good direction : East, South
Good days : Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Leo :

You will be in limelight. It’s time to enjoy with friends. Income is also good. Promotion in job is seen. Partnership should be avoided. Take care of your spouse. Short journey is also seen. Gain from tour. Lovers can go for a ride.
Remedy : Chant om bhaskaraye namah.
Deity : sree vishnu ji
Good colour : golden
Good number : 5
Good direction: East
Good days : Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday .

Virgo :

Best time to earn money if you are intelligent. Use your words when required. Little trouble in family life. You may face throat irritation. You can destroy your enemies. Any kind of big change in your life may happen. Visit temple to get best result. Couples be cool.
Remedy : Chant Maa kali mantra.
Deity : Sree Ganesh ji
Good colours : Green
Good number : 3, 8
Good direction: South
Good days : Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.


This is a super week for you. Everything will be good. Family life, income, business every segment people will get very good result. Only take care of your own health. Mental stability is required. Lovers can enjoy.
Remedy : Chant Mahalakshmi Mantra.
Deity : Sree Durga Mata ji
Good colour : white
Good number: 2, 7
Good direction: West
Good days : Friday, Saturday and Wednesday.

Scorpio :

Property related matter may get stucked. You may feel tired and frustrated. Don’t worry the week ends with new hope. Your good time is ready. Your partner may be lucky for you. Income will be good. Love life is stable.
Remedy : Chant Saturn Mantra.
Deity : Sree hanuman ji
Good colour : Red
Good number : 1, 8
Good direction : East, North
Good days : Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Sagittarius :

Enjoy this weekend. Be prepare for new journey. Your life will teach you new lesson. This weekend will change your life. New marriage proposal will come. Stucked business may get started. Income will grow. Couples can enjoy.
Remedy : Donate foods.
Deity : Sree vishnu ji
Good colour : yellow
Good number : 9 , 12
Good direction: East
Good days : Thursday and Sunday.


Very good time for Saturn people nothing to say. Everything will be good. Income, family life, health etc. Only avoid tension and depression. Your should take care of your mother. Dont change your residence now. Lovers may touch new heights.
Remedy : Donate curd ( Dahi)
Deity : Shiv ji
Good colour : Cyan
Good number : 10, 11
Good direction: South
Good days : Saturday, Wednesday and Friday.

Aquarius :

Health wise you will be good. Only take care of your income. Your siblings may create problem. Your children will be lucky for you. Money will come from partnership. Dont make any big plan. Get blessing from elders in the family. Singles may get life partner. Love life awesome.
Remedy : Chant mantra for Ketu.
Deity : Shiv ji, Rudra
Good colour : Cyan
Good number : 10 , 11
Good direction : west
Good days : Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Pisces :

Your family life will be good. Income source will go high. You should take care of your emotion and should control your speech. You should seek blessing from your elders. Your father may be in trouble. Marriage proposal should be avoided. Lovers should maintain rules.
Remedy : Chant om ketave namah.
Deity : Sri vishnu ji
Good colour : yellow
Good number: 9 , 12
Good direction : North
Good days : Thursday, Monday and Tuesday.

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