Taking his passion to the next level by producing a reality show based on cars – Darshansinh Jadeja


Car is one of the best mechanical creations in the whole world, says the car enthusiast.

 A car engenders a deep emotional connection in people who love these beauties on four wheels. There’s a hidden quality about a car that is alive, and those who love cars would completely agree with this without any doubts. “To me, the sound of the revving machine and the feeling of being behind the wheel gives a kind of high which is unexplainable. It’s an engaging sensory experience in total, like no other,” says Darshansinh Jadeja, who has been an avid car collector having the best world brands in his parking space. According to him, cars are some of the most beautiful mechanically engineered machines to occupy space on this planet. He is one of those people who have made a living deeply rooted in a passion for cars and driving, and that is evident by the vast collection of beauties on four wheels that are on display in his garage. Jadeja owns Nissan 350Z convertible, BMW Z4 convertible, Range Rovers, Audi’s and many more beauties which are designed to give the best driving experience and comfort.

The passionate individual is also a businessman owning multiple businesses ranging from a chain of restaurants to owning a construction company having interests in development of roads and buildings and is also one of the leading government contractors in the city responsible for building the city’s major roads and highways. Now, owing to his passion for cars, he is all set to enter the television industry by producing a reality show based on cars. The show is slated to go on the floors soon and will be ready for release shortly. When asked about what made him enter into this unknown territory, he says, “The popularity of the idiot box is on the rise due to the growth of OTT platforms which have taken over the industry big time. This is perhaps one of the best mediums one can capitalize on, and this thought made me think about going ahead by making my mark as a producer for a car based reality show, which will have all the ingredients to keep the viewers engaged and glued on to their television sets.” This soon to be launched reality show will definitely make it to the top, looking at the way it has been made with passion by this car enthusiast.

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