Stefanie Gurzanski: Reaching to the Zenith of Success in the fashion world 


 The Canadian based model Stefanie Gurzanski has come a long way while establishing her niche hard in the fashion world. It all started when she was in her High School. At the age of 17, she decided to be a model after she checked a few other options. Since then it was no looking back as she focused on this career with great professionalism and hardwork. She is among the most gorgeous and glamorous acclaimed models in the fashion world who has worked with top brands in Canada.

While being with top brands she emerged as the biggest face in the modeling world. She made sure to remain active on  social media. Soon her photos went viral multiplying her fan following on social media particularly on Instagram. Today, she emerges as the top influencers in Instagram in the fashion world. All thanks to her attitude and the straight point of view towards life. She has worked with different brands like Vogue, Elle and Cosmopolitan to name a few.


She joined Instagarm in 2016 and since the past five years, she has managed to gain millions of fans all across the world. Today she is an internet sensation and remains the most wanted model in the world with her chiseled shaped model. She has emerged as a fashion icon. She had faced tough words against her body but with this she had a surgery and medication that brought her back to shape now allowing her to fly high in the modeling world. Today she is both physically fit and gorgeously incredible in the fashion world.