Sahil Sargam, aka Sonu Bhatiya, is proud of how far his band Fitoorians have come


The much-talked-about fusion rock band is all about serving listeners with multiple genres, catering to the music taste of almost everyone.

It is astounding to see how a few people and professionals have swiftly risen to where they wish to be in their respective industries, thriving off of the commitment and passion they have for all that they choose to do in their careers and life. It is even more astounding to notice how a handful of them stand distinctive from the rest and exude pure skills and love for their work, showcasing how determination and a strong self-belief can turn any ordinary talent into an extraordinary success story. To do that in the world of music has proved to be even more challenging and taxing, but it is sensational music professionals like Sahil Sargam, aka Sonu Bhatiya, who make all of this look flawless and how.

He is proud of how his band Fitoorians have reached in its journey of seven years in the industry and is glad how each team member has put in every possible effort in understanding and then serving every listener and music lover out there with something new and refreshing dabbling into and excelling at different music genres to serve them all. The much-talked-about fusion rock band has presented its fans with so many different songs so far, tapping into multiple genres, from pop and rock to semi-classical and urban Punjabi.

One of his incredible tracks, titled “Maa,” was meant to be a part of a film, Sahil Sargam highlights. He says how they had pitched the song for a Bollywood film, which even got approved, but unfortunately, the film was never made. The rising singer, songwriter, and director, who is highly trained in classical and western music, today has deservedly become known as one of the crown jewels of the Indie Pop genre in music.

Many of his songs so far, including Darmiyan (original), Maa (original), Teri Khamiyan (Re-creation), and Pyar Tere Da Asar (Re-creation), all have gone ahead in adding more glory to the whole craft of this Himachali talent. All these songs have gone ahead in gaining massive momentum, thanks to the captivating voice of this music artist and the varied emotions he emotes or expresses through each of them, stunning people all over, becoming known as the son of music for all the right reasons.

There is so much more that Sahil Sargam is looking forward to achieving with his band Fitoorians in the coming years.