Meet The Shiv: Who Creates A Special Link With The Hearts Of The People Through His Emotional Songs


Many creatives prefer to create their own numbers. Some do this solely, others collaborate, and yet others hire writers to work for them. However, singers who do write their own songs have a unique advantage. They have a distinctive viewpoint as a result of this. Some musicians, like The shiv, used their talent to write their own fate. The well-known vocalist The Shiv captured the hearts of the populace with his songs that had profound meaning.

The shiv was driven by his love of music, which fueled his ambition to succeed. He was motivated to look for opportunities to show off his skill because he was aware of how difficult it was to get into the music industry. It makes his talent known to the entire globe. His songs including “Let’s make some love,” “cried so hard,” and “You never know” were among the most popular on all music streaming services like Spotify, YouTube, and others. People love to vibe on his music, thus every song he writes has a big impact on the audience. Every song had a meaning behind it which made his songs unique. For instance the song “Cried So Hard” , it is a song that can take you on a journey where you can talk to God, engage in dispute or a difficult confrontation with God, and certain feelings that you have been holding back and burying for a long time will be revealed.

He battled all obstacles with a lot of effort and hardship to get into the music industry. He thinks that music has an evident influence. Music is one of the most potent things in the world, having the power to influence our emotions and memories as well as unify people.