Presenting you India’s top Music Producer, Audio Engineer, CDJ: Akash Das


Akash, a city boy who has always been into music and carving out his own place in the electronic music industry with skillful sets and unmatchable music production techniques, is back again to hit the charts.

Akash, from an introverted kid to a well-known electronic music producer, not only in India but around the world has made it to himself and never looked back since day one.

This Jaipur-based artist has been gaining some recognition in the International electronic dance music industry because of his unique style and energetic track compositions. Over the past few months, Akash has been mysteriously working on his upcoming releases with a promise of some fresh and unexplored style of music for his listeners.

This year he is also going to announce a few of his future collaborations with some Indian and International artists.

The city boy has had a busy year working as a ghost producer and constructing his own tracks simultaneously. He started his career in 2016 as a Dj, music producer & audio engineer at EMA Jaipur and has left many Industry pros speechless. He follows a disciplined approach to work and that’s what brought him fame. He’s already spent half his life perfecting his craft which is clearly visible now.

His latest track “Meant To Be” is escalating on the top charts and rising on Spotify with a countless number of plays.

It’s a pure blend of progressive & electro-house music with beautiful breakdown and vocals.

Akash tells us, “ My dedication and commitment helped me achieve some remarkable milestones in the electronic music industry. It’s just the beginning of my career and I’m gearing up to introduce a tonne of high quality soulful music and unimaginable DJ sets in future. My fans can expect to hear more of my trademark sound with all new dance music vibe. The beginning of my journey hasn’t been easy and I didn’t want it to be because what comes easy – goes easy. Never giving up made me sign my first International record label in the year 2020 and there have been many after that.” He then says, “I try to express profound emotion in simple melodies. Each track I produce has a story and somewhere relates to my real life situation. I’m very thankful to my listners, friends & family. I wouldn’t have reached where I am without your love and support.”