Rizgar Sak with his brand Dives Holding is Adding Value to the Market


Rizgar Sak is a competitive businessman and he knows the art of driving things smoothly in the market. Being brought up in a businessman family that deals in carpet trade, business has been in his blood. With a global exposure during his studies, he developed additional skills that helped him grow and so his business. He knows the art of driving things smoothly. He learnt all the basics of business while working in his family business but at the same time, he ensured that he will take the business to the next level. He pledged to bring his family business on the global map.

With this vision, he soon was able to open up the offices for his business in nations like Iraq, Turkey, UAE and other locations. Not only that, he even diversified his business in a big way leading to entering into different segments like real estate, construction, customer service, logistics and food industry. He experimented in them and proved his presence in these sectors and thus was able to launch his own brand called Dives Holding. It is a group of businesses that deals with numerous businesses as named above. There are several in-built traits in himself that make him the pioneer in the market.

One of the basic things that makes him different from others is the value based business he follows. He is ethical in his work and loves to create a healthy environment not only for his customers but also his employees and stakeholders. He loves integrity and he has proved the same from his life, while innovation and good customer and employee relationships have been his key USPs. He is a strong supporter of corporate service responsibility and thus engages his brand in several philanthropic projects with different NGOs and charity organizations. All these things make his brand Dives Holding a value added group in the market.