Prodip Kumar Datta – Rising to exponential levels of success through his entrepreneurial expertise


His name tops amongst the most influential industrialists in Dhaka, owning some of the biggest companies ever known in history.

Being miles away from the narrow and negative thought processes of those around him since his early days, Prodip Kumar Datta built his successful career in the wide, competitive world of business and today stands amongst the most well known industrialists from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Right from the time he was preparing for his school examinations, he was passionately involved in taking a relook at the conventional entrepreneurial system of the country and strongly felt the need to embrace innovative methods to transform the scenario and pave way for a new Bangladesh.

In a quest to get unanswered questions, he dwelled deep into the subject which he felt needed attention and learnt how to imbibe the best practices to get it to the forefront. He was keen on taking on the responsibility, having clear and wide targets which would benefit the entire business world based in his country. He was constantly contributing his progressive vision with innovative thinking and out of the box learnings which he implemented in his professional journey going ahead in life. The unending zeal, enthusiasm, focus and the remarkable tact with which Prodeep Kumar motivated himself helped him own some of the biggest brands ever known in the country like OFS Cables, PMB Global and Cross Worldtel.

His strenuous efforts earned him three successful businesses which have revolutionized the industry. It’s rare to see someone having such compelling vision and comprehensive plans as him which have helped him reach the pinnacle of glory, and made him rank amongst the top industrialists in Bangladesh. Talking about his brands, Prodeep Kumar states, “The primary objective of companies is to deliver quality products and services, and it has a strong vision to make the country shine on a global platform. My team has consistently strived to offer the best quality which is at par with global standards.

Here is one fine example of how one can reach towering heights of success if they stay focussed towards their goals. He gives optimum prominence to utilizing his energy and keeping his spirits high in order to maintain such high levels of success. His only mission in life has been – Make it happen by dreaming big.