PRANAM Act to come into force from Oct 2


Assam Finance and Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma today (July 27) announced that the Parents Responsibility and Norms for Accountability and Monitoring (PRANAM) Act, that seeks to deduct 10% salary of govt employees who do not take care of their aged parents, will come into effect from Oct 2. The bill was earlier approved by the Assam cabinet on July 23.

The Finance and Health minister said up to 10% salary will be deducted from Assam Government employees if they do not take care of their aged parents while 15% salary can also be deducted in exceptional cases. Sarma said that a PRANAM Commission will now be formed comprising a chief commissioner and two commissioners.

“We will constitute a PRANAM Commission that will be headed by a chief commissioner and two commissioners. Two social activists will also be included in the commission that will be headed either by a retired government official who held the post of commissioner secretary or by a serving additional chief secretary,” Himanta Biswa Sarma said in Guwahati.


He also announced that parents who are not looked after by their government official wards can first approach a DDO, the designated official with whom a complaint can first be lodged. The complainant parents, if they are not satisfied with the outcome of their complaint, can appeal first with the directorate of the department where their wards are employed and finally with the commissioner of the PRANAM Commission, he added.

Meanwhile, Finance Minister Sarma, in another major announcement, said university and college teachers, including teachers of medical and technical institutes, are likely to receive UGC-approved dues as arrears before or after Durga Puja.