Meet Anusha Chowdhury, taking over the space of entrepreneurship across Bangladesh


Guwahati: She is a 25-year-old entrepreneur whose ventures have inspired and created a difference in people’s lives.

 Looking all around us, we often wonder what could be the things that might have helped many industries excel so much at such a higher level. When we look closer, we understand that, of course, technology has had a huge role to play, but one cannot deny how certain young talents have been putting in their everything to ace their game in entrepreneurship and take their respective niches to the next level. We came across one such highly talented and passionate entrepreneur named Anusha Chowdhury, who is making her name count in the vast business world not with one, but multiple of her endeavours.

Ask her why entrepreneurship and the 25-year-old quickly replies saying, “Well, why not? I mean, most of the world wants girls to find a stable job and get settled, but I believed this would only act as a hindrance in my growth as an individual and I thought to enter the business world to avoid the rat race and create my unique niche.”

Anusha Chowdhury hails from Chittagong, Bangladesh and was raised in Oman. Always been fascinated by the business world, the talented girl chose to study business and hence completed her Bachelor’s in Business Administration, earning a major in marketing from the North-South University, Dhaka. Anusha Chowdhury confesses that she also chose entrepreneurship because Bangladesh is already an overpopulated country and not many get the right opportunities. This ignited the fire in her to pave her own path and create opportunities for herself, where she could also empower others along her journey. That’s what this 25-year-old is doing today as the CEO and founder of a one of a kind e-grocery store in Bangladesh named “Bazar Nao”. This serves as a new startup by her, which is created to provide groceries to people on credit, where people can avail of the credit line of the e-commerce store for up to 20 days and can use the same for purchasing their groceries from a variety of commodities that Bazar Nao offers.

Anusha Chowdhury has gone much ahead than this. Recently, she even founded ‘Fund A Nation’, a foundation with the sole purpose to create opportunities for the underprivileged in Bangladesh. From building careers to abolishing hunger, unemployment and the like, Fund A Nation is all for the people of Bangladesh. Apart from this, she is also the CEO of Vision Induction Wads, a leading manufacturer of auto Induction Wads for sealing of HDPE/ PET/ PP & Glass Bottles & Jars, Aluminium Blister Foil and Aluminium Lids Foil and also is the founder of her apparel brand called L’anush, manufacturing and supplying the best of the readyss-made garments to big brands.

Is there anything that she can’t do? We guess not. Still, Anusha Chowdhury feels she has a long way to go to create more difference in people’s lives through her endeavours.