India’s fastest Electric Motorcycle ‘KRIDN’ to be available in October


New Delhi: ‘One Electric Motorcycles’ announced today that they have completed the Homologation process and on-road trials of their Made in India Electric Motorcycle, KRIDN.

The deliveries of the first production batch will commence in October 2020, covering four cities for the initial launch.

Dealership applications and pre-booking registrations (which are free, no deposits needed) are open now for Delhi NCR, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad.
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For bike taxi and last-mile deliveries, the company is working on strategic partnerships with established players for their KRIDN-R Model.

“With the speed of 95 Kmph and torque greater than 165 Nm, KRIDN will be one of the fastest and most powerful electric motorcycles currently available for sale in India.

These specs make it the perfect electric ride for city commutes of less than 100 Km per day. With high performance, we also wanted to make a motorcycle that lasts for many years. Suspension from Munjal Showa, wide tyres from CEAT, lighting from FIEM Industries, and in house developed heavy-duty chassis ensures this, along with making spares easily available,” informed Gaurav Uppal, CEO of One Electric Motorcycle.
The IP protected design of KRIDN has also been developed in house by One Electric Team.

“Localizing our Motorcycle has been a challenging and rewarding experience at the same time,” said Abhijeet Shah, COO of the company.

“By designing, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing everything from the ground up, we now have the capability to make fast modifications required for constant evolution. This is enabling us to make advancements easily on regular basis. Looking forward, we are able to adapt any battery cell type or motor technology which are evolving at a fast pace, without worrying about the fitment issues. We believe this is going to enable us in creating cutting edge technology and realize our vision of being a global player for electric motorcycles,” added Abhijeet.

“KRIDN is our flagship model for city commute and KRIDN R will be focused on taxi services and last-mile deliveries. We plan another entry-level model in 2021 with 75 Kmph top speed from a 2 Kw motor. Our target price of this model will be under Rs 1 lakh,” added Gaurav.

The company plans to launch KRIDN at Rs 1.29/- lakhs ex-showroom price with a 2+1 year warranty.

One Electric is also in talks with many institutions and startups to offer innovative finance options to their customers since they believe that finance will be a key component for the mass adoption of electric vehicles in India.