Gautam Kalal – The Heavy Showers Of Rain Not Always Destroy The Crops


Guwahati: Not every bad verdict is a test but a beat to balance your patience and consideration towards life. Facing the night, being patient observant we might win the chance to witness the glamorous dawn setting life in pace.

Gautam Kalal born on 29th September 1982 in Zawar Mines, Udaipur, Rajasthan is an exquisite remark on humanity striving hard, overcoming all hardships and becoming a brand today. Gautam Kalal is an e-commerce entrepreneur, trainer and mentor helping different business folks launch their own e-commerce stores and building their own brands digitalised online.

Gautam Kalal has been a witness of good as well as bad days. It was his efforts and hard work that has helped him reach such a plane where we command all that is happy and healthy in his life with a wide variety of choices. He started his journey as a mere canteen boy with dreams in his heart. Following his passion equipping his potential, he worked in few companies in India and abroad bringing him a step closer each, to what is he actually today.

Holding the momentum of 20 years+ experience Gautam Kalal is one of the top data driven digital marketing consultants based in Ahmedabad leaving his trails in foreign too. He is an author and you tuber serving as a mentor to over 5k+ students and business professionals and institutions like BNI, Ganpat, University and in various private training offline and online. He has been a guiding factor and part of the renowned advisory board panel of business magazines making appearances in offline and online media channels.

Gautam Kalal’s hardship made him learn to pretend what life actually is and to differentiate what is right and what is wrong and what actually will work out in the end. Gautam Kalal is of the view that when one has a goal set and one starts taking small steps towards achieving it, one can call these small steps the stepping stones or actually the process to get the job done which is accompanied with some good and some bad experiences. The longer you strive, the longer you will get to last.