Fundraising platform “First HelpCare” is gaining popularity in its mission to provide basic and secondary education


Education plays a significant role in the development of an individual. It is only through the right education that the students are nurtured for a better future. At times, the academic courses can go past the budget of a person. Despite deserving to be in the premium institutes, it has been the financial crisis that has been the hindrance for the students. However, with the changing times, crowdfunding has become a popular means for students to raise funds. With many prominent fundraising platforms in India, First HelpCare is one of the best crowdfunding platforms. The platform has raised many fundraisers for several causes, and education remains a vital cause in today’s time.

The India-based crowdfunding platform has been a boon for people in the most difficult times. It is a known fact that education has been a prerequisite in fostering a child’s education, and First HelpCare is playing an instrumental role in raising funds for students. As per the analysis, by 2030, 423 million people of India of the working class will be unemployed. That is why the necessary steps to raise funds for primary and secondary education along with the high-pursuing courses are being offered to children and students in the country.

This crowdfunding platform was founded by Afzal Anis in Ranchi, and it has eventually spread its work operations all over India. First HelpCare’s approach in raising funds for education is not just for students, but also for other aspects like the infrastructure of government schools in rural areas of India. Moreover, First HelpCare has partnered with several educational institutes that look after the training for youth across different fields including hospitality, medicine, accounting, entertainment and many more. Speaking about it, Mr. Anis said, “Education and training has a long-term impact on students. It is only through providing quality education, there will be a rise in employment opportunities.”

The best part about raising funds through First HelpCare is that it can be done by either students, teachers, families or educational institutions. Offering a 0% platform fee, starting a fundraiser on First HelpCare is absolutely free, and one can withdraw funds after raising the fundraiser within 72 hours. Helping millions to raise funds for education and various other causes, First HelpCare has emerged as one of the most reliable and authentic crowdfunding platforms across India. The platform has undeniably been a wave of change for people by providing quality education, thereafter creating employment opportunities for them.

You can learn more about the mission at, and please consider making a small contribution.