Entrepreneur Gayas Shaikh quits his dreams to enhance father’s marble business


Stories of working for one’s own dreams is commonly heard but sacrificing one’s dream for family are rare ones. Such is a story of Mumbai based businessman Gayas Shaikh. To sustain and enhance his father’s marble business, the young lad sacrificed his own dreams and started working towards the prosperity of his family business. Fallen prey to ancestral deception and fraud, Shaikh’s grandfather lost all his property to his brother’s cunning motives.

Gayas’ father then moved to Mumbai and set up his marble business empire from scratch. Being sole earner of the family, he faced several ups and downs. Growing up in such a hardworking environment, Gayas wanted to help his father in all possible means. He started being a helping hand in his business, sacrificing all his personal goals. Today, he runs a successful and abundant Marble business with his father. Inspiring children to be a support system to their family, he is a youth motivation.

Entrepreneur Gayas says, “I have seen my father and grandfather struggle through scratch. Being the eldest son of my parents, I had to support the family in all possible means when they were in such a distress. But what motivated me the most was my father’s zeal to get back all that they had with sheer hard work. I salute him for this. I’m proud of my decision of being a help to my father.”

We wish him much luck and success ahead.