Enterprenuer Yash Gupta – Creative Young student who is CEO and Director of two companies


Youngster Like Yash Gupta is setting new bars for the coming generation. Hard work drives success, and age has no role in the success of entrepreneurs of this generation. Yash is one such example.

Yash Gupta is a young entrepreneur pursuing Bachelor's in Business Administration (BBA) from Amity University in Noida. A creative mind and a disciplined mindset have helped Yash achieve heights in the business world at such a young age. He is acting as CEO of Tambhveda and Director of Rikayaa Enterprises Private Limited.

Yash Gupta is CEO of Tambhveda, which is a manufacturing company that specializes in Brass and Copper products with beautiful designs. They specialize in copper bottles with exquisite designs.

Rikayaa Enterprises Private Limited primarily deals in Copper & Brass sheets, strips, ingots, billets, foil, wires, and cables. They manufacture as well as export the products to different countries. The Philippines, the United States Of America, Australia, France, United Kingdom are some of the top export countries.

Yash has developed a quality-conscious team with a customer-centric approach that helps the company grow its customer base and retain them with its premium service. His vision always keeps
the team motivated and ready for upcoming challenges.

Apart from managing these two companies, Yash also helps his father in business. He uses his BBA education to create ideas, strategically plan and execute to grow the company exponentially. His father has appreciated his help and speaks highly of him. Such business intuition and sharpness at such young age have assured his father of his potential to take his business to great heights in the future.

Yash is not yet done, and with passing time, his hunger grows more. He plans to expand his business into different sectors. He even has a vision of taking the company to a new height and also explore other industries.

During his college days, Yash has shown great potential in academics and was among the top performers. He has shown potential from class participation in different workshops to organizing successful fest and events. International Conference on Agriculture and Food Science was one of the latest workshops that he was a part of in his college.

Managing companies along with studies require efficiency and determination. Yash has successfully managed to ace both. Dedicating equal time to both tasks is how he shares for his such productive outcome. He also believes that believing in his abilities is the key to his successful ventures.