Dinesh Sudarshan Soi’s Team DS Creations™️ is a launchpad for budding artists


As we dive deep into the world of creativity and entertainment, there is a myriad of options available for the audience. And in recent times, music and films have become more popular than ever among everyone. Serving the audience with extraordinary content, Dinesh Sudarshan Soi’s DS Creations™️ has played a vital role by bringing a variety of projects and newer talents into the limelight.

All those familiar with the entertainment industry are aware of the music video director’s impeccable track record. Racing ahead with bigger projects, Mr. Soi’s creative team, Team DS Creations™️ is looking into other aspects of music and filmmaking. While DS Creations™️ was founded in 2002 by Soi, the firm has built its reputation across different verticals.

In the initial years, Dinesh Sudarshan Soi worked as a casting director after which he shifted his focus completely on the direction. As of now, DS Creations™️ has three different wings – Team DS Creations™️, DS Creations™️ Entertainment and DS Creations™️ Music. With Mr. Soi having a lineup of music videos and a feature film in the pipeline, Team DS Creations™️ is operated by his wife Sonia Malhotra, brother Deepak Soi and associate Gaurav Sharma.


The director in these years has welcomed creativity by offering work opportunities to newer talents like directors, casting directors, actors, singers and lyricists. In addition, Soi wants to bring deserving talents from Team DS Creations™️ to the forefront and give newcomers a push in the industry. Regardless to say, the three verticals under DS Creations™️ have helped many creative professionals get hands-on experience of casting, production, direction and music releases. He stated that he is looking forward to letting his team get into the aspect of casting, production and song release on leading music labels.

Dinesh Soi, in a time of two years, has directed more than 50 music videos with eminent names from the TV and film industry. He is currently eyeing to make his directorial debut in Bollywood as things are still in the development stage.

When asked about the same, Soi did not reveal much except that before the debut movie goes on floor, he is doing few music videos and launching as many as eight Mumbai based talented artists whose name he reminisced quickly, “Prajakta Dusane, Priyanka Mishra, Priyanka Raut, Arzoo Chahande, Masni Yelane, Saras Chatterjee, Kalyani Tapase and Deepti Singh and the details will be revealed sooner”. Hats off to this young talented Director.

Apart from this, the ace music video director credits his little daughter Maesha Soi as the reason behind his success. On various occasions, he has expressed his love for his daughter. With the director mentoring his team to embrace creativity to the fullest, we were waiting for his upcoming film which will go on the floors soon.