Digital Money 2019: A conference on the cashless landscape in India


Mumbai, Dec 19: Digital payments are rapidly becoming main-stream and are disrupting the global financial system.

In the year ahead, payments companies will be exploring the payment trends that will drive change, present challenges, and create opportunities. Though in a bid to further financial inclusion through digital payments, there are still more questions than answers about how to deal with these challenges and how to use the new opportunities.

To address these questions, challenges, and opportunities, a day-long conference was organized by Lyra Network India & Payments Council of India (PCI), the 12th edition of ‘Digital Money’ which took place recently at Taj Lands End Mumbai.

Arranged around the theme ‘Widening a cashless horizon’ the conference took place in the presence of many pioneers from fintech industry, banking & non-banking sectors, and payment solution providers.

The conference featured lively sessions on diverse topics like — innovation in the payment industry, transit payments, preventing payment frauds, and digital on-boarding, among others.

Lyra as an established leader in securing e-commerce and proximity payments enthusiastically took part in panel discussions.

Christophe Mariette, Commercial Director and Chairman at Lyra India, gave an insightful keynote on the future of digital payments in India.

“India is far ahead of several nations in digital payment technology and holds great potential. Lyra is determined on developing own products and solutions rather than taking help from the third party to maintain secure and seamless data flow between merchants and banks”, said Mariette.

An insightful opening panel discussion on ‘Widening digital payments in India: Focus areas’, had a blend of renowned personalities from the Indian payment industry and was moderated by CEO & Director, Lyra India, Rajesh Desai. Christophe Mariette, also took a part in a captivating panel discussion about ‘Detecting, Managing and Preventing Payments Fraud’.(ANI)