Conker App by Conker World Pvt Ltd makes headlines for supposedly getting seed funding of close to 100 Crores.


It is seen as the biggest achievement in the startup and business industry, where besides angel investors, even venture capitalists look interested in investing.

A closer look around us will let us how things have been in constant change across the world. This could be possible due to the transformations many businesses and brands went through after the onset and rise of the digital space. Today, almost every brand and business aim to conquer the online space by spreading their wings across the globe and reaching even the untapped markets, but only a handful of them have been able to achieve this, courtesy – the growing competition in almost every sector. However, Conker World Pvt Ltd, with its Conker app, has been doing that successfully in the online education sector, so much so that today it is rumored to get seed funding close to a 100 Crore valuation in only four months.

Conker app by Conker World Pvt Ltd has been on a constant growth pedestal for it being introduced as the first-of-its-kind online skilled-based learning platform and app, driven by its aim to reach maximum people in the youth and transform their lives for the better by providing them with the right kind of knowledge that can help them become more skilled to take over their dreams and aspirations in their careers and endeavours in life. Founded by Arvind Arora and Sachin Upadhyay, now the company is rumored to close its seed funding at an unimaginable valuation of close to 100 Crores, and that too in just four months.

Not just the angel investors but also two prominent venture capitalists are rumored to come on board to invest, which will lead Conker World Pvt Ltd to create the biggest achievement in the business world, especially for startups. The pre-seed round was held in February, and the seed round will reportedly take place this year in May.

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