B 21 Salon In Bhubaneshwar Is The Perfect Place To Enjoy Best Self-Care Time Amid Your Busy Life


Guwahati:  We all need some relaxation in our busy lives. A self-care day is something that every individual should gift themself. Whether it’s a movie, shopping fun, expensive dinner or beauty care, one must indeed treat themselves. Talking about beauty, many people find hair spa, hair cut or pedicure/manicure relaxing. It’s a cherry on the cake if the place is comfy and classy. For people in Bhubaneshwar, B 21 is the destination for self-care and treatment.

No one wants to take the risk of trying hair care treatments from the tube at home or colouring the tresses. There’s no place like a salon with a friendly and kind staff. Satish Kumar Patra’s B 21 has been making people smile and gifting them this peaceful experience since 2014. The salon team states, “B21 Salon is known for its high-end services. We follow strict and stringent health guidelines and inspections, making sure that the customers are provided with the best quality of their work.”

So apart from haircare treatments, what other services does B 21 Salon provides? The list consists of tattoo service, makeup and skincare, manicure, pedicure, piercing, and nail art. Satish Kumar Patra has hired some proficient hair stylists and tattoo artists to work for the salon. The staff also guide the clients to decide which treatment to go for, based on the hair type. Sometimes, the clients are not aware of what suits their hair texture. So far, there are 2 branches of B 21 in Bhubaneshwar.

Thanks to their top services and good word of mouth, B 21 Salon has been in the spotlight twice. In 2018, Bipasha Basu awarded Satish Kumar Patra’s B 21 with the Best Salon Award. Kunal Kapoor honoured B 21 Salon & Satish with the Best Salon award at the Times Business Award in 2019.