Assam singing megastar, filmmaker and actor Zubeen Garg has once again triggered a massive row after he opposed animal sacrifices in places of worship, including sacrificing of animals at Shakti shrine Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati. He also took a dig at Bollywood actor Govinda for sacrificing a buffalo during his visit to Kamakhya Temple yesterday (May 28).

The heartthrob singer, who was performing at a Bihu function at Kamakhya locality in Guwahati yesterday, appealed people not to sacrifice animals while making a particular reference about the sacrifice of a buffalo by Govinda at Kamakhya Temple.

“I heard Govinda sacrificed a buffalo yesterday. Why should you sacrifice animals; sacrifice yourself rather than sacrificing animals. It’s a Shakti shrine and even Maa Kamakhya doesn’t want animals sacrificed in the temple. I have been saying this since many years. Please stop animal sacrifices,” he said.

“I used to eat ducks in the past but since I started rearing them at my house I have stopped eating them. I don’t raise chickens because if I do, I would not be able to eat them. I fall in love with the animals I raise,” he added, and said deities also don’t support animal sacrifices.


Zubeen’s stand on animal sacrifices has had mixed reactions. While animal lovers have supported him for opposing the ritual, various temple boards — including the Kamakhya Bardeuri Samaj — have taken strong exception to the singer’s comments. The Kamakhya Doloi Samaj has asked Zubeen to refrain from making such statements.

“He is a singer and should concentrate on singing and his stage performances. His comment on animal sacrifice is unfortunate. The Kamakhya Devalaya is an internationally renowned Shakti Peeth and follows certain procedures of worship that also includes sacrificing animals. I appeal Zubeen to refrain from making such statements in future,” Kabindra Prasad Sarma, Xoru Doloi (Junior Doloi) of the Bardeuri Samaj, told News Live.

“I support Zubeen Garg on his stand on animal sacrifices in places of worship. It’s inhuman,” Mrigen Saikia, a college student who is also an ardent Zubeen fan, said.