Weekly astrological predictions: November 26 to December 02


Aries :

Best period of your life. Everything will be superb. Only control your diet. Some spiritual event will take place at your home or you may visit any temple. Be vegetarian to get good result. Love life will be superb.
Remedy : Wear a pearl mala.
Deity : Hanuman ji.
Good colour : Red
Good number : 1,8
Best Direction : East
Good days : Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday .

Taurus :

New opportunities are on the way. Good time for students. Go for new ideas. Take care of your stomach and legs. Avoid isolation. Couples should avoid misunderstanding. New ideas will provoke you. Avoid laziness.
Remedy : Chant Ganesh mantra.
Deity : Sree Durga Mata
Good colour : White
Good number : 2,7
Good direction : South, West
Good days : Friday, Wednesday, saturday.

Gemini :

Students shoud take care of their studies. Your residence may change. Money flow will be good. Happiness will come at your home. Your mother will be lucky for you. You may win competitions. Couples are in doubt.
Remedy : Chant Shiv mantra.
Deity : Ganesh ji
Good colour : Yellow
Good number : 3,6
Good direction : West
Good days : Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday .

Cancer :

Very good period for earnings. Promotion in jobs or professional field. Start new ideas. Stomach may remain upset. Avoid unnecessary thoughts. Couples should avoid arguments.
Remedy : Chant Hanuman chalisa.
Deity : Shiv ji
Good colour : Milky
Good number : 4
Good direction : East, South
Good days : Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Leo :

Money flow will go high. Invitation will come from spouse end. Control your speech. Good period for new property purchase. Loss from partnership. You may expect something change in your life. Love life will be awesome.
Remedy : Chant om Bhaskaraye Namah.
Deity : Shree Vishnu ji
Good colour : Golden
Good number : 5
Good direction: East
Good days : Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday .

Virgo :

Take care of your health. Money will come to you. Avoid isolation and laziness. Be with your family for gains. Your enemies will go down. Take care of your elders. Visit temple. Lovers need to maintain cordial relationship
Remedy : Chant Maa Kali mantra.
Deity : Sree Ganesh ji
Good colours : Green
Good number : 3, 8
Good direction: South
Good days : Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.


Take care of your kids. New projects may start. Good time for students. You may visit hospital for any reason. Earn money as much as you can. Avoid harsh words. Avoid legal matters. Lovers will enjoy quality timw
Remedy : Chant mahalakshmi mantra.
Deity : Sree Durga mata ji
Good colour : White
Good number: 2, 7
Good direction: West
Good days : Friday, Saturday and Wednesday.

Scorpio :

Health and wealth will be superb. Avoid ego. Take care of your mother. Maintain decorum at home. Avoid anxiety. Marriage proposal may get delayed. Stomach may remain upset. Avoid argument in relationship.
Remedy : Chant Saturn mantra.
Deity : Sree hanuman ji
Good colour : Red
Good number : 1, 8
Good direction : East, North
Good days : Tuesday, Thursday and sunday.

Sagittarius :

Your residence may change. Students take care of studies. Best time to be famous. Take care of your father. Avoid anxiety and arguments. Avoid spicy foods. Pray to God. Couples will be happy.
Remedy : Donate food
Deity : Sree Vishnu ji
Good colour : Yellow
Good number : 9 , 12
Good direction: East
Good days : Thursday and Sunday.


Best time for money and family enjoyment. You may be famous socially. Home atmosphere will be superb. Your dreams will come true. Pending jobs will be done. Get blessings from gurus. Lovers will enjoy.
Remedy : Donate curd ( Dahi)
Deity : Shiv ji
Good colour : Cyan
Good number : 10, 11
Good direction: South
Good days : Saturday, Wednesday and Friday.

Aquarius :

Health is good. Take care of your money. Avoid useless expenses. Your hardwork will give you reward. Take care of your spouse. Maintain good relationship. Skin problem may disturb you. Pending marriage proposals will move forward. Love life is beautiful.
Remedy : Chant mantra for Ketu.
Deity : Shiv ji, rudra
Good colour : Cyan
Good number : 10 , 11
Good direction : west
Good days : Wednesday, Friday and saturday.

Pisces :

Take care of your mood and health. Avoid junk food. Don’t take new projects.Do meditation. Get blessing from God.Chances of sudden money flow. Love life is stable.
Remedy : Chant om Ketave namah.
Deity : Sri Vishnu ji
Good colour : Yellow
Good number: 9 , 12
Good direction : North
Good days : Thursday, Monday and Tuesday.

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