Unique tribute to Nirbhaya: Read what these Assam girls are doing


GUWAHATI: A group of girls from Assam’s Gohpur in Biswanath district has come out to pay tribute to Delhi gang-rape victim Nirbhaya in a unique way. Forming a catering group in the name of Nirbhaya, the girls are not only paying tribute to the victim, but are also seting an example of women empowerment.

The girls studying in colleges have formed Nirbhaya Catering Group to serve in various events in the area. In recent times, Nirbhaya Catering Group has proved their excellence rendering their services in many wedding parties. Donned in uniform, the members of the group have received admiration for their utmost level of professionalism.

“We have named the group as Nirbhaya to pay our tribute to her. There are 31 members in our group. Most of them are college students. This work has helped us to support our families as well as our expenses in studies,” said a member of Nirbhaya Catering Group.

On the other hand, a bride in whose wedding these group of girls took the responsibility to serve food, said, “This is really inspiring. I extend them my best wishes for their wonderful endeavor.”

Meanwhile, a guest who attended the wedding party said, “I appreciate their initiative to form the group in the name of Nirbhaya. But it is really unfortunate that the convicts in the infamous rape and murder case are yet to get capital punishment.”