Understanding Philanthropy – What You Need to Know


Philanthropy can take many forms, from long-term giving to simply giving one donation. As something that is considered society’s risk capital, philanthropy can be defined as the need to promote and encourage the welfare of others through a generous donation of money for a good cause. However, there is still much more to know regarding how it can positively affect our world.

The Importance of Philanthropy

No matter what day and age we live in, communities worldwide will always face some complex problems every day. Think of environmental challenges, poverty, and lack of access to healthcare – just a few examples of areas needing effective financial aid and development. Unfortunately, not all of these demands can be met by the governments.

This is where philanthropy comes in – why it is so crucial. With philanthropy, we can increase the level of progress where it is needed the most in the world and support the causes so that it can fuel a real chance all across the globe. As a result, this will benefit the people, the planet, and society.

The Role of Philanthropy in Our Society

One of the things that a lot of people need to realize is that the effect of philanthropy holds power to influence long-lasting social change. Organizations receiving adequate support bring in the ‘ripple effect.’ Many lives worldwide are touched, most likely for many generations to come.

In another way, philanthropy is one of the cornerstones of a stable society. The next time people come together to help others, whether they are donating money or even their time, we can be reminded what it means to be a human. And through that, communities can continue to grow stronger.

Chandra Bhanu Satpathy – The Prime Philanthropist

The best way we can learn more about philanthropy is by looking at existing individuals who have been successful in their philanthropic endeavors – a prime example being Chandra Bhanu Satpathy.

As a revered scholar, spiritual thinker, humanitarian, and Indian Cultural Ambassador, Satpathy is one of the few individuals who has shown much progress in his philanthropic work.

Satpathy serves as the Founder and Patron of the Swabhiman and Mamta, a nonprofit organization. He is also the Chairman and Founder of the Shirdi Sai Global Foundation – an establishment that hopes to achieve the goal of providing welfare for the needy and weaker section of society through the running of free dispensaries, effectively organising medical camps, and setting up various other camps for the benefit of the public.

Moreover, the Shirdi Sai Global Foundation took on relief and rehabilitation work in flood-affected areas of the State of Uttarakhand in 2012, including the flood areas of Jammu & Kashmir in 2014, and the cyclone-affected areas of the State of Odisha in 2013 – just a few examples of how one of his many organizations are working to bring peace to the world.