Two arrested with drugs in Sivasagar


GUWAHATI: Assam Police on Saturday arrested two persons along with suspected heroin in Sivasagar.

Police arrested 74.96 grams suspected heroin, a Royal Enfield motorcycle, two mobile phones and cash Rs 18,820.

“Remain committed against drugs: In an ops today seized 74.96 gms suspected heroin, 2 persons arrested, 1 bike, 2 mobile phones & Rs.18820 recovered. Legal action initiated,” Sivasagar Police tweeted.

Assam Police has been carrying out continuous crackdowns in other parts of the state also.

In a tweet on Friday, chief minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma wrote, “Fight Against Drug


intensifies its action against narcotics. Substantial success on May 27: Case registered 25; Arrests 38 Seizure: Heroin 526.61 gram; Ganja 5 kg; Cough Syrup 59 bottles; Tablet 34,800 nos; Morphine 7 gram; Cash recovered Rs 3,89,670”

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