As many as five people have been arrested so far in connection with spreading fake news and hate-speech on social media platforms like facebook and WhatsApp. On the other hand, people have raised their voice against slander and defamatory posts on social media.

One identified as Bitu Paul of Sataipathar under Khetri police station has been detained on Sunday for posting inciting message on facebook. Besides, four more people have also been arrested by police in Darrang, Biswanath, Nagaon and Diphu in connection with spreading hate-speech and fake news.

Meanwhile, people across the State have also voiced against slander and defamatory posts on social media and urged others to stop propagating and posting inciting message(s) on social media sites like facebook and WhatsApp. Police have been monitoring anti-social activities and top police official said, “Action will be taken against such wrong doers.” Police have also requested citizens not to take part in spreading such message.