Plasma NCR Founder Adnan Shah Talks About The Importance Of Health Camps As He Organises One


Noted journalist and social worker Adnan Shah recently brought a positive change for people of Drugmulla block at Muqamshah-E-Wali Park by setting up a free medical camp. His foundation Plasma NCR collaborated with the Indian Army to organise the camp. The event saw eleven civil &military doctors in attendance for the cause.

The camp was a massive success as 762 needy people arrived to seek medical help and they were impressed by the facilities. The residents of the block were offered medical consultation, prescriptions for their ailments. Moreover, a medical team also distributed medicines free of cost.

Speaking about the camp, Adnan said, “The fact is I feel it is quite essential to pay more attention to the health sector especially following tje COVID-19 crisis. We just wanted to provide an opportunity to the local population to seek best of the medical advice for their ailments which otherwise is unavailable owing to the remoteness of the block.If the last one year has taught us anything it is the importance of health. We all are quite lazy about our health issues, but we hope that this camp will give all of us a chance to realize the importance of regular checkup and health.”

The event was equally reassuring for doctors and patients. The camp turned into a platform for everyone to work together as a team to fight the health crisis in the country.