Guwahati city doctor in WHO Expert Advisory Panel


GUWAHATI: Dr. Nabajyoti Choudhury, Director- Lab and Transfusion Medicine of Health City Hospital, Guwahati has been awarded an international accolade by the World Health Organisation (WHO) headquarter in Geneva. He has been nominated as a member of the “Expert Advisory Panel” on Blood Transfusion Medicine for the period of 2021-2025.

The panel members are selected on the basis of their contribution to respective specialities at national and international level. Whenever, WHO-HQ needs any assistance on technical field at global level, panel members contribute to the cause. In case of any new technical development in the region, panel members may also directly inform WHO-HQ on the subject. Usually 1-2 members are nominated for selected countries from across the globe as per requirement. Dr. Choudhury is continuing as a member of Expert Advisory Panel for last 12 years, since 2010.

In the past, Dr. Choudhury worked with WHO in Geneva, Indonesia, Maldives and in Timor Leste under various assignments. At present, he is the President of Asian Association of Transfusion Medicine (AATM) which is a trans-national organisation. AATM has branches (Country chapters) in 19 Asian countries and has members from 45 countries. AATM is doing multiple training and quality related programs in these countries including many in India. At present, Health City Hospital is the Presidential Secretariat address for AATM for serving member countries.