Onions in Guwahati selling in pairs not in kilos, vendors implement ingenious marketing strategy


GUWAHATI, Dec 5: It may sound weird but it’s true. Shopkeepers are selling onions in pairs and not in kilos with prices soaring to a record high of Rs 120 per kilogram.

At the busy Kachari bazaar in Guwahati, a pair of onions is selling at Rs 20 with vendors taking recourse to ingenious marketing strategies to sell onions with prices soaring to an all time high.

“People are even refusing to buy 250 grams paying Rs 30 and so this new technique of selling onions in pairs. If we don’t do that, our onions will rot and we will have to incur heavy losses,” Arun Das a vendor at the Kachari Bazaar told News Live.

“This new marketing strategy is paying dividends with people buying two onions for Rs 20 and in the process we are able to dispose our stock.”

In matter of hours, the Kachari Bazaar marketing strategy of selling onions in pairs has attracted other vendors not just in Guwahati but in many parts of Assam.

“We are almost shedding tears without even cutting onions but at least this idea of two onions for Rs 20 is something interestingly ingenious,” Ranjit Baruah, a resident of Guwahati’s Ulubari locality, told News Live.