One Injured in Bike-Wagon R collision in Sonapur


Guwahati: One person was seriously injured in a car-bike collision near Sonapur Toll Plaza in Guwahati on Sunday Morning at around 09:30 AM.

According to reports, a motorcycle rider identified as Tapan Rahang(28) was traveling in the wrong way and was coming towards Guwahati collided head-on with a Wagon R vehicle.

The motorcycle rider was seriously injured and was rushed to Sonapur hospital. Later, Rahang was taken to Gauhati Medical College and Hospital(GMCH) in Guwahati for further treatment.

The motorcycle’s registration number is AS-01ED-6014 and the wagonR’s registration number is AS-01JC-4853.

“The incident took place at around 9:20 AM, a bike rider had a head-on collision with a wagonR vehicle. The bike rider was seriously injured and is currently undergoing treatment at Sonapur hospital. We have informed his family member and now he will be taken to GMCH for further treatment,” said a Sonapur Police official.