Nagaland steps up measures to combat COVID-19, constitutes core committee to ensure availability of essentials


Kohima: Government authorities as well as various local organisations have joined hands in Nagaland to combat COVID-19 and assist the people in this hour of distress.

The Mokokchung district administration, district police and Mokokchung Chamber of Commerce & Industries along with other organisations have constituted an Essential Commodity Core Committee.

The primary objective of the committee would be to ensure adequate supply of essential commodities in Mokokchung district as well as in other districts like Tuensang, Zunheboto, Longleng and parts of Wokha.

The Core Committee has started issuing two kinds of slips, one for bulk buying and the other for normal purchase to avoid panic buying.

One would require either of the slips, signed by the ward task force, and only after getting the approval from the Core Committee, a purchase can be made.

Speaking to the media one of the members of Essential Core Committee said, “Since the announcement of the lockdown the District Administration, Mokokchung Chamber of Commerce & Industries and the District Police have constituted this core committee for the people. From the very fast day our sole motto was to control and regulate the market so that we can stop people from panic buying as well as to have a control on the traders and vendors from charging exuberate prices. We are allowing bulk buying of essential commodities and that’s the reason we are not in state of shortage of these essential commodities. We are continuously monitoring the entire process and hence it’s moving quite smoothly as of now”.

Another Member of the committee said, “Although Mokokchung is not the commercial hub of Nagaland because usually, we go to Dimapur for all such essentials. But as Mokokchung connects more 5 districts so it was important for us to ensure that people don’t face any shortage of essential commodities. And hence we came up with the idea of forming an Essential Commodity Core Committee to monitor people and stop bulk buying and panic buying. One would require the slips, signed by the ward task force, and only after getting the approval from the Core Committee a purchase can be made and if the people ask for more we minimize the quantity of the essential products purchased by them”.