Nagaland mulling for apex tribal hoho comprising of all tribes


The Nagaland government and representatives of different apex tribal hohos in the state have mooted the idea for having a Naga tribal apex body comprising of all the tribes in the state.

After the conclusion of the nearly 6-hours long meeting, state government spokesperson and minister Neiba Kronu said that the House during the deliberations felt the need to have an apex hoho since the Naga Hoho which was once the apex body today no longer has the mandate of the Naga tribes.

Stating that time is very crucial for the political solution, Kronu added that the Naga Hoho was there in the past, but, however does not have the necessary backup even though it is functioning now.

Apart from this, Neiba Kronu also said that an apex tribal hoho of different tribes within Nagaland has become a necessity, just as Nagas in Manipur have the United Naga Council.

Similarly, Nagas in Arunachal Pradesh and Assam could also work out on how to move ahead in this regard, pertaining to the Naga issue.