Meet, Vishnu Sharma, the famous Indian body building champion, who is striving to earn international medal as an athlete


His hustler mentality, coupled with his quest to achieve more in his career led him to become a sought-after name in the country today.

Many people have entered and abandoned industries where they once believed they could succeed. This is because many of them lost faith and gave up as a result of the obstacles they encountered when attempting to change careers. However, there are a few people in this world that believe in pushing on in life regardless of what happens, and with the objective of making it big in all areas of interest, they focus on the positive and take on problems as if there is no tomorrow. Vishnu is one such person who is on his way to the top of the international bodybuilding Industry, in addition to winning prestigious national titles such as Mr Jaipur 2017, Mr Rajasthan 2018, Boss Classic 2019, Olympia 2019, and Sheru classic 2019.

Vishnu was born in the city of Jaipur on October 10, 1997. He’s been interested in bodybuilding since he was a teen. “Bodybuilders line up and perform prescribed postures for a panel of judges who assess them on symmetry, muscularity, size, conditioning, posing, and stage presence. Bodybuilding competitions combine specific diets, weight training, and cardio with posing and presentation on stage in front of judges. Training like a bodybuilder is more about showcasing your physique to have greater symmetry or a better overall shape than it is about going out on the field and doing anything with it,” says Vishnu.

Bodybuilders, unlike strength or endurance athletes, are less concerned with performance. It’s all about making yourself look better. Vishnu was driven to bodybuilding because he wanted to be a better version of himself, and said it was this motivation that kept him going after his first competition.

He replies that enthusiasm and effort are the keys to success when asked about some of his secrets to success. “I believe that being enthusiastic about something is an important aspect in achieving success. You still enjoy it because you’re enthusiastic about it, even if you don’t make a lot of money or the world economy is collapsing. That being said, passion alone will not suffice; you must continue to put in the efforts on a daily basis.”