Meet Desiree Schlotzhauer – A Bank Worker-Turned-Successful Model Who’s Inspiration To Aspiring Models


Being in a creative field, especially modelling, is quite challenging. One has to give all the care and attention to themself to look best all the time. While it’s exciting to be a model, the path to success is not that easy. Who better than Los Angeles’ Desiree Schlotzhauer can tell us about it.

Desiree aspired to be a model since her teenage days and started working at the age of 15 in Minnesota with Arquette agency for 5 years. She later worked with Bank of America but decided to quit the job and moved to LA at the age of 20. During her first year in LA, Desiree struggled to meet ends, so she took up the job as a make-up artist at Beverly Hills. Her hard work eventually paid off, and the stunning lady finally started getting modelling projects.

It has been four years since Desiree Schlotzhauer is in LA. In these 4 years, the model has been a part of various modelling assignments, fashion shows, photoshoots and brand ambassador for various boutiques. She is also a well-known travel blogger and successful influencer. On Instagram, Desiree has more than 882k followers on her page – @desireeschlotz.

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Desiree Schlotzhauer is an inspiration to young girls from different towns and cities who also wish to be successful models in LA like her. When asked what message she would like to give to girls who want the same career like her, the model says, “My message to people is to always lead your life with truth and love. Be unapologetic about who you are. Do not change for anyone but yourself. Don’t take things personal and always have an open mind and communicate what you want and be specific! This is your reality. The only persons approval you need is your own. Be grateful and spread awareness of this!”