Manas National Park to remain closed for three days for tourists


Guwahati:  Manas National Park will be closed to visitors for three days. The rhino census at Manas National Park will resume on April 1. The rhinoceros counting procedure has begun in stages across Assam’s national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

The rhinoceros will be counted at Manas National Park from April 1 to April 3. Tourist admission to the national park will be prohibited as a result of the rhino census.

Vaibhav C Mathur, field director of the Manas Tiger Project, revealed this in a statement. According to the most recent census, a total of 48 rhinoceros were reported in Manas National Park.

However, the number of rhinoceros in the census may grow this time, according to Babul Brahma, forest officer of the Banhbari Range. Almost all preparations for numbering these rhinos in all three Manas ranges have been completed.