International Daughter’s Day 2021: History, significance and more about the special day


Guwahati: Every day is a daughter’s day. However, there’s a special day dedicated to them called International Daughter’s Day which is observed annually on the 4th Sunday of September. This year, the special day is being celebrated on September 26. 

In patriarchal societies, daughters often get lesser familial rights than given to sons, this may be lesser in the case in big cities but is still quite widespread in many countries. In some families, they prefer to have sons rather than daughters and this is one of the leading causes of infanticide. On the birth of a girl, the women are often penalized and in developing countries daughters are often treated as burdens.

Therefore, this day is observed to pay compliments and let daughters know, how special they are. This day is also about raising awareness for girls children and encouraging equality. It is also celebrated to make people aware that girls should get equal rights and opportunities.

The role of a daughter, especially in maintaining relationships between family members is notable. Her parenting style, on the growth and development of children, contributes immense impact on the development of society, thereby on the country. But, from the very beginning, women were treated inferior to men.

Society has been male-dominated and the basic rights to vote were gained by women in 1920 after a lot of struggle. Therefore, to eradicate the stigma in society about girls, a celebration of days like International Women’s Day becomes more essential. Society must accept that girls are intelligent, empathetic, independent and level-headed.