India-Bangladesh joint military exercise concludes in Shillong


GUWAHATI: The Indo-Bangla joint military exercise ‘Samprit-IX’, conducted at Umroi Army camp in Shillong, successfully came to an end on Saturday, after 14 days of extensive joint military drills and trainings, on counter terrorism environment under UN mandate to neutralize threats anywhere in the world.

Talking to newsmen, Major General Sandeep Bajaj of the Indian Army said the contingent of the two armies carried out joint operation under UN environment chapter 7 and have conducted drills to coordinate for chapter seven missions.

Stating that it has been a great experience he said both armies will carry equal lessons back to their countries.

Major General Safiul Alam, of the Bangladesh Army too shared similar sentiments. He said through this exercise both sides has develop inter-operability through the exchange of tactical drills, the organizational structure of both the armies and through this both the armies are confident to operate in any kind of counter terrorism environment under UN mandate.

He also stated that both countries share a strong bond through historical evidence in the 1971 during Bangladesh war of liberation.

India and Bangladesh have had such exercises for eight times, earlier four in each country and this is the ninth edition of SAMPRITI.