How dare she? Barsha Rani Bishaya on ‘indecent offer’ from fashion curator


Assamese actor Barsha Rani Bishaya took to popular social networking site Facebook, first posting a status update and then going ‘live’, where she expressed shock and outrage over an “indecent offer” made to her by a woman who, she mentioned in her social media update, “calls herself a fashion curator”.

The actor who had recently teamed up with Jatin Bora for the superhit movie ‘Ratnakar’ launched a blistering attack on the fashion curator who she did not identifybut said was hearing “many things about her unsocial activities”.

She claimed that the woman offered her a foreign trip on behalf of a “North Indian filthy rich businessman of Assam”.

“She called me last night but I missed her call so reverted back today. This smart lady tells me that her phone handset is having some problems so she would call me on watsapp. She wanted to play it safe. First she tells me what a struggle it is to arrange sponsors for a show and might have to give up fashion industry. Then eventually comes out her shrewd part. She tells me that a North Indian filthy rich businessman of Assam who deals in electronics admires me a lot n wants to offer me a foreign trip,” she wrote on Facebook yesterday.

“A fit of rage ran through my head to toe…. I have been hearing that she offers girls to her clients to settle the deals. Look at her audacity,” Barsha Rani Bishaya added in her sensational expose.

“I am shocked that a woman can think of selling the morality of another woman ! Really sad and disgusting !!,” the actor further wrote.


The sensational outburst from the actor, who in the’Facebook Live’ video also spoke about her experience with casting couch in Mumbai during her early career, asked the woman not to fiddle with the lives of young girls.