Guwahati: Three drug addicts arrested in Satgaon


GUWAHATI: Three drug-addicted youths were caught red-handed by the local people while taking the contraband in the Satgaon area and were handed over to the Dispur Police on Sunday afternoon.

According to reports, the three youths are from Basistha in Guwahati and often come to the area to buy drugs. The local residents had been trying for days to capture the young men and finally caught them red handed today.

Police arrested the three youths after people told Dispur police about the incident. Syringes and Drugs were recovered from their possession. Also, the e-rickshaw they came in was seized by the Police.

People on the other hand have urged the police to take strict measures against the illegal practice of drugs in the area. “These men come here often, there is no reason for them to come here in this lockdown period. At first, we asked them and they said they are here for fishing. But as we caught them with drugs and syringes, we immediately informed the Police,” said a local resident.

Assam police have intensified operations against drugs. At the same time, the people have also extended a helping hand to make Assam drugs free.



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