Guwahati pandal provides glimpse of Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir this Kali Puja at Colony Bazar


The Ram Mandir in Ayodhya will be ready by January next year. But that is for the rest of India. For Guwahati, a Ram Mandir would be unveiled in just a few more days.

On November 12 evening, Assam Minister Pijush Hazarika will inaugurate the Kali Pija pandal here, modelled on the Ram Mandir coming up in Ayodhya. And, it’s not just the pandal. The Vivekananda Sporting Club organisers of this puja – has promised an “Ayodhya-like atmosphere”.

The Vivekananda Sporting Club committee, known for organising one of Guwahati’s grandest and most spectacular Kali Puja every year, has promised to create an “Ayodhya-like atmosphere.” This includes 200 idols of the Hindu deities Ram, Sita, Laxman and Hanuman which are bought from West Bengal and will be placed on various parts of the Kali Mandir.

Social media has been flooded with images of the pandal and its decorations.

Speaking to News Live, a member of Vivekananda Sporting Club stated, ” As we all know that Ram Mandir in Ayodhya will soon be ianugurated and to honour that we have chosen to portray a Ram Mandir-themed pandal. We want the essence of the Ram Mandir to be felt by our people right here in our midst. This year we have been allocated Rs 21 lakh budget for building this grand pandal and organising our yearly Kali Puja.”

“As part of our celebrations, we will be distributing blankets to the needy ones which we do every year, as we our moto of our club also aims to extend a helping hand to the needy whenever needed”, added the member. Besides the captivating theme, the three-day event will feature an array of activities, including art competitions, quiz competitions, games and more”, added the member of the club.

Interestingly, the pandal has been made exclusively by the artists of the locality.

Vivekananda Sporting Club, established in 1964 and this year will mark the 59th annual Kali Puja celebration organised by the club.

Meanwhile, Adnan Ahmad, an Indian singer known for singing in the reality show ‘The Voice’ will perform in the cultural programme on November 14, as part of the Kali Puja celebration.