Exit Polls 2022: BJP Likely To Be Largest Party In Manipur, Biren Singh to retain power for second term


Guwahati: An early poll of exit polls shows the BJP emerging as the single-largest party in Manipur.

A poll by Zee News-Designboxed shows the BJP getting 32-38 seats and the Congress 12-17 seats. India TV-Ground Zero Research shows the BJP getting 26-31 seats, while the Congress is getting 12-17 seats in the 60-member assembly.

While P-Marq has predicted 27-31 seats for the BJP, Jan Ki Baat has also given the party a clear lead of 23-28 seats.

Designboxed has predicted 32-38 seats for the BJP, 12-17 for the Congress, 2-4 for NPP and 2-5 for others. CNX has predicted 26-31 seats for the BJP.

P-Marq has predicted 11-17 seats for the Congress, 6-10 for the National People’s Party (NPP) and 5-13 for others.

Meanwhile, Jan Ki Baat has predicted 10-14 seats for the Congress, 7-8 for the NPP and 12-18 for others. According to CNX, the Congress may win 12-17 seats in Manipur, NPP 6-10 and others 7-12

The BJP, which had bagged 21 seats in the 60-member assembly in 2017 and wrested the power for the first time, stitching together a coalition government with the support of four NPP MLAs, four Naga People’s Front (NPF) members, the lone Trinamool Congress MLA and an Independent member. However, this time the BJP, NPP and the NPF have contested separately and put-up candidates against each other.