Chhaygaon farmer exports Malbhog banana to Dubai


GUWAHATI: Farmers across Assam are experimenting with horticulture crops to reap profits and benefits. Many of these success stories are results of the fire within the individual to do something new and good. One such recent success story is of a person from Kamrup who is changing the perception of conventional farming.

Bimal Mahanta from Bortari village, in Chhaygaon, Kamrup has been working on 50 bighas of agriculture land producing Thailand Guavas and berries with good success. Bimal has planted the Malbhog banana variety which he has been exporting to Dubai. He is also trying out new varieties of crops like grapes, mustard, seasonal flowers, vegetables in his farmland.

“Bananas are our main produce and we have planted bananas in 30 bighas of land. There is a carbide free unit in Rani where we take our bananas and after being processed it is shipped to various parts of the state. We have even shipped these bananas to Dubai,” said Bimal.

The path to his agricultural success was not smooth as Bimal had to go through a lot of turbulence in his life. But, he remained focused to reach his goal.

“After I completed my graduation I started looking for jobs and it was not easy to get one. Moreover, displacement due to floods and erosion in Brahmaputra during 1990s made us helpless. Our lands remained under water for a long time and later turned into a chhapori (temporary river island). So, I started farming as an occupation,” shared Bimal.

Bimal has two partners who help him with resources and finance.

As reported by Bhagwan Das from Chhaygaon.