Book Review: ‘Small Things That Matter Much’, by Dr. Edmond Fernandes


‘Small Things That Matter Much’ is a non-fiction self-help book written by Mangalorean Doctor Edmond Fernandes who has been active in the domain of public health and health activism for over a decade. While Dr Edmond has an academic background, Small Things That Matter Much is not a part of his published academic work and trails on a more humane and social road.

‘Small Things Matter Much’ remains true to its title since it explains how things that we might consider really small, matter so much and how we could orient ourselves to not just realize it but also take benefit from it.

The book focuses on various aspects of human life and provides a commentary and author’s thoughts on the same – with an aim to nourish the reader’s mind, motivating them to stay kind, express gratitude and at the same time, meet their goals. Dr Edmond empathises and agrees that Life is confusing, noisy and difficult – establishing connection with the reader, and then compartmentalising various things that makes life such and how to deal with them.

Structurally, most of the chapter (excluding few) starts with a fitting motivating quote and after that, the author dives down, asking questions to the reader and making the reader contemplate about their own emotions, reactions and journeys. Dr Edmond gives various examples to make his point clear and relatable. The book concludes with a closing loop on the same message that was reinforced at the beginning of the book.

The book succeeds in decluttering the reader’s mind to a good extent but a few examples may appear silly to the more evolved category of readers who are extensive readers of similar non-fiction. At the same time, it will appeal to a younger audience who are looking retrospectively and open to getting inspired. Being simple and at times silly, are both strengths and weaknesses of Dr Fernandes’s ‘Small Things Matter Much’ – of course bearing in mind having published the same as a young medical student.