Anup Chetia offers to mediate talks between Centre, ULFA-I


GUWAHATI: ULFA General Secretary Anup Chetia has said that he is ready to mediate talks between Centre and ULFA-Independent Chief Paresh Baruah if the Government of India accepts his proposal to do so.

Speaking to Northeast Live Editor-in-Chief Wasbir Hussain in the show Northeast Tonight, Chetia also urged Baruah to come for talks.

On being asked whether he would be interested to be a mediator between Centre and ULFA-I, Anup Chetia said that he would definitely do it.

“If the Government of India agrees to my proposal, definitely, for the greater interest of the people of Assam as well as India, I am ready to mediate between Centre and ULFA-I,” said Chetia.

Chetia also said that the days of an armed struggle are difficult in today’s scenario and Paresh Baruah is interested in talks.

“Paresh Baruah is interested to come out for negotiation. When we started the armed struggle the situation was quite positive and quite different and today the situation has changed. Armed struggle can survive but to reach success through this process would be a tough job,” said Anup Chetia.