A visit to Mohammad Ismail Madridi’s hot chocolate room


One should have dreams. But a dream is not only to see but fulfill. To be able to find your passion and work towards it is one of the best things you could ever do. It fills you with confidence and ecstasy. Even in the toughest time, keep supporting your cause, it will pay you one day. Have faith in yourself and keep moving towards fulfilling your dream. 

Mohammad Madridi found his passion in chocolates. He was born on 5th August 1987, Dubai. People call him Madridi because he supports Real Madrid.  He has so much interest in chocolates. He keenly searches about the history of it often. He travels a lot and wherever he goes, he makes sure to explore quality chocolates and increase his knowledge about them. 

He is the hot chocolate specialist. He prepares fresh hot chocolate after cutting it from a pure block of dark, milk, or white flavor. He then puts it in the hot milk. After years of practice, he now has become the best at presenting it amazingly as it melts. The key to being successful in whatever you do is to fall in love with its process. And Mohammad Madridi truly is fond of the whole procedure of preparing a hot chocolate recipe. And that’s what takes him a step ahead day by day. 

Madridi’s customers love to visit him and try different flavours of chocolates. The moment Madridi starts cutting the chocolate a broad smile comes across his face. He always knew he wanted to do it and now he is doing it. He loves doing his work. His customers love to experience a variety of flavors of hot chocolate and discover different tastes every time.  

Through the way, chocolate melts Mohammad Madridi found his way of life. He cherishes it, enjoys it, and adores it. He loves serving his customers with his fresh prepared hot chocolates. His happiness lies when a customer leaves his counter fully satisfied and in great joy. He is completely into it and his work has become his life now. A life full of delicious flavors, happy faces, and never-ending love.